17 Important tips for sailing beginners


  1. You need to have enough layers of clothes (more layers for winter)
  2. Wear sneakers in summer, sailing boots in winter (non slipping rubber shoes)
  3. Wear sailing gloves
  4. Pills for seasickness if needed (carry with yourself if you go sailing for the first time)
  5. Route must be flexible depending on weather forecast, so don´t expect you will get where you wanted to go
  6. You should be able to swim
  7. Depending when you want to go sailing, bring sleeping bag with you
  8. Water is very important to have on board (you should have reserves as well)
  9. Be carefull with toilets, on small boats you must not drop toilet paper inside the toilet
  10. Shower is limited, because it is not connected to city pipelines, you have limited water tanks
  11. When you are sailing or when it starts to rain close the windows (hatches) so you don´t allow water to go inside the boat
  12. Learn at least a bowline knot before you go out sailing (every sailor should know that knot)
  13. Skipper is a knowledgeable person and you should respect him, don´t argue with him
  14. Sunscream is important during summer
  15. Don´t swim near the boat if the engine is on
  16. Don´t do any actions on the boat if the skipper has not said that command
  17. Stay in the cockpit of the boat when the boat is moving, it is not recommended to walk on the boat

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