14th Beneteau Yacht Rally

The fourteenth Beneteau Yacht Rally began this year on Sunday, 05.05. with skipper meeting at ACI Marina Trogir. As in previous years, along with a glass of local liqueur and cake we went through the route and rules. Twelve Beneteau sailboats started the first stage near the island of Čelice towards Stari Grad on the island of Hvar. Beneteau Oceanis 46.1 first crossed the start line and made a convincing start on winning the first leg. Despite the unfavorable and strong wind, all twelve sailboats successfully completed the first stage and passed the target line at the entrance to the Stari Grad harbor.

After the mooring in the city center, we went to dinner at the  restaurant „Pinetta“. Accompanied by excellent food and wine we have declared the winner of the first leg of the 14th Beneteau Yacht Rally. The title of the winner was taken by the Oceanis 46.1 “Aquali” sailing boat with our dear guests from Finland. This year we had a special category of 35-foot small sailboats as well. The victory of the day in this category was taken by the “Mala Luna”, sailboat with Croatian crew who traditionally participate in Beneteau Rally.

Despite the rain on Monday, 06.05., we spent a pleasant morning in a tour of the Old Town Museum and the Petar Hektorović House. After a relaxing morning, the participants went on the start of the second leg., from Stari Grad to Milna on the island of Brac. Again, all the sailboats passed the target line on time, near Cape Bijak at the entrance of Milna. We were moored in the most beautiful place in Milna, right in front of the Church of Our Lady of Blessing. After  short walk around the village we were even more pleased with the dinner. The bus took us to the restaurant “Kopačina” in Donji Humac. In a beautiful restaurant overlooking the famous quarry of Brač, we got home-made lamb and excellent wine – a really deserved ending of an exciting day. This time awards went to more boats J. The winners of the day were  “Aquali” and “Sea Ya” in the bigger group and “Bela” in the category of smaller sailboats.

The last day, 07.05, started the third leg on the way from Milna to Trogir. With the lack of wind, swimming in the Split channel and stronger Tramuntana at the end all the boats passed on time through the target line near the island of Čelice, where we started on the first day. This time, to make the race a bit more  exciting, larger sailboats took the extended route around the island of Kluda. The third leg winners are this time “Aquali” and “Sea Ya” from big sailboats and “Dalmar” in the category of smaller sailboats.

The closing dinner and award ceremony were traditionally held in the hotel “Ola”. With excellent music, lots of dancing and good food we have awarded the final prizes. The overall winner of this year’s 14th Beneteau Yacht Rally is Oceanis 46.1 “Aquali”. Here are the official results of the 14th Beneteau Yacht Rally. See you next year!

Results and points:

  1. “Aquali” Oceanis 46.1 / 870
  2. “Parija” Oceanis 45 / 852
  3. “Majano” Oceanis 38.1 / 852
  4. “SeaYa” Oceanis 46.1 / 846
  5. “True wind” Oceanis 51.1 / 816
  6. “Mala Luna” Oceanis 35 / 810
  7. “Dalmar” Oceanis 35 / 792
  8. “Mobula” Oceanis 45 / 780
  9. “Summer Dream” Oceanis 48 / 774
  10. “Bela” Oceanis 35.1 / 756
  11. “Rusalka” Oceanis 38 / 634
  12. “Porteruša” Oceanis 41.1 / 600

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