Tonka and Alen in adventure on Hobie Cat Gataway

On 30th July Tonka Alujević and Alen Krstulović are leaving Ultra sailing school base from Stari Grad, island Hvar, and going to an advanture with Ultra catamaran Hobie Gataway. They will sail till 15th August. It is hard to say where they will end up.
Croatian travelers and writers Tonka and Alen, after many adventures are heading for a new one. This couple sailed Mediterrannian, Atlantic, Carribean, Azores, Cannaraian and Madeira with their sailing boat Beneteau 50 in 2001 … where they experienced many adventures.
On 2005 they were first to ride on BMW 1200 GS around Mediterrannian including the Black Sea. During that trip they have traveled 25 000 km and went accross 22 countries. The documentary about that trip was filmed and broadcasted on the Croatian national TV at 2008.


Later on they have renewed small traditional wooden boat from 1936 named GUC, only 289cm long, rowing across Canal du Midi from Sete to Bordeaux, and sailed at the Bay of Biscay to Brest. On the biggest festival of sea and sailors, among more then 2000 boats they were the smallest boat. There is a documentary about this project broadcasted on France3, TV-5 Monde and TV Thalassa

This new story is about family catamaran Hobie Getaway whose colorful sail is replaced with plain white one with the sexy drawing by famous artist Davor Štambuk.
This summer trip has no plan. the concept is minimalistic, based on unplaned events and meetings, planed only to be funny. Considering that Tonka and Alen are born on Dalmatian islands we believe they will serve us with interesting stories …

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