Saturday 15th in Trogir


Trogir in Saturday 15.05.
Second seasonal course started with basic one on Saturday . In a same moment as very popular
May charter period . We were very proud in Trogir base ; two sailing school boats sailing and all charter boats
ready to go, in early afternoon crowdy pear remain withouth avilable boats !
Our school students have a lot of things on a First day ; rain , sailing suits , first
theory , first sailing and maneouvring , some of them meet also for first time outboard
engine which was desperately needed to get out from our crowdy charter base in Trogir .
First day impression was wet , windy and full of positive things all ended in perfect evening in our restaurant Idro .
All days after we have good condition for sailing , little bit of sun at least . In Monday two students succesfuly passed exam on Split Harbour Office for Category B , Miro was very happy as instant teacher .
During a week we are expecting more fair weather . Check our web for Maja new pictures in sailing …..

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