Sailing is everybody’s sport


Passion for sailing is contagious. It spreads easily and infects everybody, as there’s no age or gender limit for this activity. One can begin learning to sail as early as at the age of five or six, at which children join sailing clubs and enter sailing schools, as well as later in life, at any age.

The good news is there’s a boat for anyone and every age or gender, even in terms of competition. As a general rule, small, wet boats, without fixed ballast keel, are more suitable for young and physically able sailors, but those who got their start aboard such small boats never give up on their first love.

The best example is the famous Danish sailor Paul Elvstrøm, who, after winning several Olympic medals in the Finn class, switched in his sixties to the super-fast Olympic Tornado catamaran winning bronze medal at the Olympics, or the glorious Austrian sailor Hubert Raudashl who also reached his sixties as a successful Olympic helmsman for his country.

For a regatta sailor, the summit of career would be exactly participation (and getting a medal!) at the Olympics, or joining an America’s Cup crew. So, after completing our decent sailing school, you will not only more enjoy watching a race course, even on television, but you will also be able to participate in club competitions, regardless of the age group you belong to.

Still, if you are not interested in racing, you may always sail for your own pleasure and find joy in your club’s home waters, or along the wonderful eastern Adriatic islands and coast.

From:  „Sailing nautical  skills“ by Emil Tomašević


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