Sailing in May; may we please?

Many experienced sailors and yachtsmen will tell you that the best month for sailing in Croatia is May (along with September). There are a few reasons for this. Most important one is probably the wind; it being not too strong but also without those pesky calm periods that occur during summer peak.

The most common winds in May are bora (cro. bura), norheastern wind, and sirocco (Cro. jugo), southeastern wind . May is also time when  Maestral, more pleasant wind starts.
Also, there are a lot more hours of sun than in previous month, and less rain that mostly occurs as afternoon shower; temperatures are mild and can get much warmer from mid to end of May; it is warm enough and windy enough to enjoy sailing to the fullest. Water temperature can get nice for a quick dip in the beautiful sea; just don’t stay in too long, it’s still spring.


Another upside of this month is that, despite the season has already begun, you won’t find too many boats at sea or in harbours, which is an asset if you are here for the peace and quiet. As a result, marinas aren’t fully booked so you don’t have to call or book ahead. May is no crowded , small  villages are still quiet, and you can choose the best fish from meni.

Sailing in May  has its financial benefits. All charter firms  generally have a much lower prices for the yacht rentals in May. Significant increase prices up to 30% usually happens in the last week of May when the increasing demand for sailing vacations begin mostly because  of  school ending. For example in early May  can be rented two cabin  Beneteau Oceanis 31 for  weekly price € 960 or  the newer and larger model with 4 cabins Beneteau Oceanis 45 (registered  for 10 people) at a price of  2,025 € per week  (203  € per person per week).


All this indicates that in May we host the sailing sailors who are skilled or knowledgeable, or those who want peace and want to discover the islands in their real moments (out of peak season crowd).

Make a few stops along the way and visit the Medieval festival in Trogir or Dalmatia wine expo in Makarska (beggining of May), celebration of saint patron of Split (may 7th), or run Dubrovnik half marathon (mid May)…

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