Sailing from Vis to Brusnik Island

Brusnik Island is an uninhabited island of volcanic origin, located far offshore in central Dalmatia, 23 km west of the island of Vis. Fierce waves and strong winds constantly sharpen this lonely island which is how it got its name.


Deep and rich in fish, Brusnik area is protected by law. When you visit the area it is forbidden to threaten wildlife and the nature must be left untouched. Unfortunately, visitors often take Brusnik black pebbles as souvenirs.


Komiza fishermen once fished lobsters in the waters around Brusnik, and from Brusnik black pebbles they built jastozera (pools for storing lobsters). They present a unique monument to lobster hunters of Komiza.


Interestingly, due to the large amounts of iron ore-magnetite which is found on the rocks of the island, ship compasses that sail along the islands of Brusnik and Jabuka become useless because the magnetic needles no longer point the right direction.

 brusnik_4View from Brusnik to the Island of St. Andrew (Sv.Andrija)

If you sail to Brusnik, the best is to use a speed boat and you should watch out for the rocks around the island. Rocks are everywhere around the island. If you go by a sailing boat, just like us, choose a calm and stable weather because there is no shelter on the island.

The west coast is gently sloping towards the sea and there is a little cove Zalo, but it is difficult to reach its pebbles  due to its rocks that lie ahead.

Souvenirs that people like to take from the island and they should not: pebbles, capers and starfish … our star is thrown back into the sea and pebbles returned … we do not need them, let them stay where they are because we’ll be back again …

brusnik_5Black pebbles on the Island Brusnik





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