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Bisevo is an island connected to Komiza. Since it is 5 nautical miles away from Vis, it is usually a one day trip destination for visitors of Komiza. In the last 50 years, the youth has left the island but they come back in the summer. There are few permanent residents who also go to Komiza during severe winter. A permanent bus runs daily (except for bad weather) and sustains life on Bisevo which to people in urban areas seems romantic but is actually difficult and bound to field and fishing.

jedrenje_bisevo_1View of Komiza and Vis from Bisevo 

The sea around Bisevo has always been rich in fish. Once, in the three coastal towns and a few villages in the interior of the island hundreds of residents lived of fish and wine. Today, you can feel that the island lives of tourism but only for a short period, a few hours daily from 09:00 to 12:00 when the Blue cave is the most beautiful. Tourist boats stop in Mezuporto where you can spend the night and pay for the berth or if you are with a small boat you can anchor. However, you have to be cautious and pay attention to the berths of the residents who go fishing all the time because they can get mad if you carelessly throw your anchor above theirs.

At the pier in Mezuporto from 08:00 to 16:00, the berth is reserved only for short excursion tours and only after that is at sailors’ disposal. Sleeping in Bisevo is nice and quiet; the only problem is that you have to leave the berth at 8 in the morning. If you are a morning type of person, this should not be a problem.

jedrenje_bisevo_2Fishing boats in Mezuporat

jedrenje_bisevo_3Abandoned houses in Mezuporat

jedrenje_bisevo_4Lifestyle – Biševo Mezuporat

The Blue Cave – a natural phenomenon and a tourist attraction that makes a lot of people go miles and miles just to see it. And it’s worth it! The atmosphere that the sun makes entering the cave and the blue colour will remain in your memory and the kids will just love it. If you are going by inflatable boats, have someone on your sailing boat beacuse anchoring in front of the cave is not safe and it can get crowded. If you are anchored in the nearby Mezuporto, you can go by a tourist boat or your own dinghy.

At the very entrance there is a boat and a guard to whom you pay for the entrance. Swimming is not allowed and he will reach you with a paddle if you try to swim to avoid paying the entry ticket. It’s the only tourist job on the island, in fact the only job on the island which lasts shortly. All of us who sail will leave and the locals remain to handle the winter wind and the sea…

jedrenje_bisevo_5 Entrance to the Blue Cave

Salbunara is a beautiful bay on the western coast of Bisevo. Moor your boat just like the locals on the northern side of the small harbour with your anchor as further as possible. In case of a stronger breeze this bay is not a shelter and we must sail out before the storm. We sailed in when the sea was calm and swimming was a real pleasure.





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