One design sailing project on luxury Beneteau First 45

Thankfully to similar thinking and recognizing the idea and the benifits by our Slovak partners which financed the project, we lunched and prepared the fleet of 10 equal, fast and luxury Beneteau First 45. Therefore we have unique offer located in marina Kaštela, just 20 minutes away from the airport.
Complet servis, support and organisation will be handled by our very experienced charter team from marina Kaštela with Mario, Inga, Tomo and others collegues from our charter personnal.

Particulary for this present event on each boat there are several experienced sailors, so we already had few Croatian Olimpic participants, and some from other countries such is Czech Finn racer Michal Mayer and 3rd skipper from the last Transat David Kryžek.



For the competing on these equaly prepared boats there is already big interest from some European countries. The terms are booked for one Austria Bussines Cup, several Russian companies rented the whole fleet for 10 days, and there is a big interest from Italy for organizing and Cross Adriatic Regatta. With already booked competitions by Czech and Slovak sailiors the fleet calendar for 2009 is already very busy for this year.


With excellent technical support of Ultra’s experienced sailiors and increasing interest for luxury charter and sport events, we believe that such a project will find its place within biggest Adriatic regattas such is Easter Regatta, Viška Regatta and other. This fleet will provide oportunity to race for those who usually rent a boat for such races, but this time they will have a chance to rent fast and elegant First 45, and participate in regatta under similar condition with standard favorites.

The boats are equipped with long lasting Spectra Cruising sails made by One Victory, and upon special request the other regatta sails can be rented. The entire fleet is in Ultra charter management fleet and they can be rented individualy on usual terms Saturday – Saturday.
We wish you “equal” sailing!



Personal ID card of Beneteau First 45:
Manufacturer: Beneteau
Type: Sloop
Model: First 45
LOA: 14,07 m
Beam: 4,20 m
Draft: 2,40 m
Weight: 11.545 kg
Keel: Fixed
Hull: Mono
Hull material: Polyester
More details on

Fleet First 45:

Sailing boat Year Name Berths
Beneteau First 45 2009 Ariadne 6+2
Beneteau First 45 2009 Byblis 6+2
Beneteau First 45 2009 Carmenta 6+2
Beneteau First 45 2009 Despoina 6+2
Beneteau First 45 2009 Egeria 6+2
Beneteau First 45 2009 Fortuna 6+2
Beneteau First 45 2009 Galata 6+2
Beneteau First 45 2009 Hera 6+2
Beneteau First 45 2009 Charybdis 6+2
Beneteau First 45 2009 Isis 6+2

Booking prices and terms:

term week day
til 14.03. and from 28.11.2009. 990 € 165 €
14.03.-11.04. & 24.10.-28.11. 1.990 € 331,66 €
11.04.-27.06. & 22-08.-24.10. 2.990,00 € 498,33 €
27.06.-22.08.09. 3990.00 € 665,00 €

cleaning 100 €

spinaker 150 € week/35€ day
generator 220V/charter 100 € week
skipper 120 € per day

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