Nautical destinations in Croatia – island Scedro

The island of Scedro belongs to the archipelago of Hvar and is located between Hvar and Korcula which makes it the only port if you sail from Korcula or Racisce on Korcula to Hvar or the other way around.

Kids at school are taught that Scedro is not inhabited but I know a boy who disagreed beacuse he had a chance to see that several tough people engaged in fishing live there even in the winter. For children it means that the island is inhabited! One person on the island means inhabited. The same think the fishermen and the sailors having found themselves between Korcula and Hvar; seeking shelter in Veli Porat and Moster some of the residents let them warm themselves in their houses.

Moster is a smaller bay, open towards the north and looking at Zavala on Hvar. This bay is small and beautiful particularly because of the old, destroyed Dominican monastery from the sixteenth century. Five houses are separated by a small field from the monastery and in the summer it can get lively and full of children. The first house is also the restaurant of Stjepko Kordic where you can eat well and drink and for his guests he put five buoys that are generally available for everybody. Since the bay is exposed to the northern wind, at the first sign of it you should set sail and find shelter in the neighbouring Veli Porat or otherwise you will get stuck in Moster.

Veli Porat is next to Moster, marked with a lighthouse. On the left side is the first inlet Rake, the second southernmost is Srida with two restaurants of the residents who are there almost all the year (Zlatan and Ivo Jakas). Here, most commonly sailors moor their boats as well as in the last inlet (SW) of Lovisce where you can find buoys. Rato, the artist, host and owner of the house in Lovisca lives a few months in Vienna and the rest of the year runs the restaurant with his family.

There is no water and no electricity on the island so do not be surprised with the price of the water since they bring it from the island of Hvar. Also, if your route includes stopping on the island of Scedro, bring food and bread beacuse there is no store on the island. The residents make their own bread or go every day by boat to Zavala on Hvar and then by car to Jelsa to buy supplies.

On the southern side of the island facing the island of Korcula there are two bays where you can anchor, Borova and Carnjeni (locals call it Porterusa). Porterusa is especially nice for a short swim on the route to Hvar or Korcula or sleeping in a remote area. Both are open towards the south wind.

Although the island is small, it will take you about 10 hours to go around it by foot. This has been tested which tells that there are those who think of doing it.

If you feel like walking and you have moored your boat in Veli Porat, take a pathway which leads from Srida to Moster through overgrown fields and several old houses.

Another important note: while anchoring in places like Scedro and other small islands: lokal rodents (mice) can be very hungry so they use your ropes tied to some of the trees to get to your kitchen and food the have never seen J. Prevent them by putting plastic bottles, as big as possible, on your rope.

What to buy on Scedro?

Lavander which is usually sold by children as well as olive oli, wine, salted pickarel, honey and all the seasonal products.



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