Happy Easter and successful nautical season

People in Dalmatia believe that fig tree is the best indicator and the anouncer of worm weather. When the first leafs show up on the branches that is the sign for us. One fig tree in front of our office sent us the sign last week, but we were obviously too busy with Croatia Boat Show that nonoe really noticed it. Just an old man from our marina noticed it the other day and reminded us of it.

Nautical season usually starts on Easter and big charter fleet in Croatia of 3800 boats is ready for the season to start. Ultra fleet with 50 sailing boats is completly ready, and the first guests are already on the sea.

Inspite of recesion fears, decrease of tourist flow, rules recently changed by state administration, bad predictions from neuatical show during the winter, political problems with neighbouring Slovenia etc. – there is still lot of optimism in Ultra charter, and our predictions for the upcoming season are optimistic.

Interest and booking for our capacities are at the same level as last year, we also have a new fleet of 10 Beneteau First 45 with excellent booking by now. The Easter is in two days, charter bases are going to be full with guest from all around the world, number of people are going to do tehier jobs in marinas, and the boats are going to go all around Adriatic.

This is just a reminder how does it look like from last year pictures.
We wish you happy Easter and successful nautical season!

photography Boran Kranjčević

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