Croatian Women’s Match Race 2009


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Croatian Women's Match Race 2009… at the end of this story about match race sailing for women, you had a chance to read in last few stories, everything ended up where it starts from – in the sea. It was all spontaniously and in celebration manner. It seems that everyone could have a reason to be satisfied:
– competitors – because they had perfect conditions on the sea and the land, and the chance to excersise their skills for 4 days
– the organizer of the regatta JK Frapa – because everything was in perfect order without bigger problems, so they can be very happy because this was the first competition of this kind in marina Frapa
– manager of One design sailing boats First 7500 Ultra d.o.o. – the boats have proven themselves as an excellent choice for this type of regattas, there were no bigger technical problems and after 4 days of intensive sailing they were confirmed as an excellent boat
– Croatian Sailing Federation – because thay have one more outstanding regatta in their caledar
– media and few brave viewers – because they had an opportunity to enjoy 4-day event on the open sea and beutiful weather

See you next year!
photo by Robert Matić/ marina Frapa

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