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Beneteau Rally 2010How have I experienced another Beneteau Yacht Rally:
Another traditional Beneteau Yacht Rally is finished. This year Ultra has organized another gathering of sailors on the route: Kastela – Stari Grad – Vis – Maslinica. This year with 15 boats and 80 participants. On behalf of Ultras crew, we would like to thank all participants of this event, as well as our courteous hosts from Stari Grad, Vis and Maslinica.


Beneteau Rally 2010 pictures

We invite all participants to share with us their experiences through photographs the text. Your materials can be sent to:

Beneteau Rally 2010

Beneteau  Yacht Rally started this year from Ultra base in Marina Kastela on  10.10.2010. At exactly 09:30 Skippers meeting was arranged with a  wellcome party with a glass of good local brandy, and domestic “krostule” & “fritule”.

Mario  has presented the planned route and explained some of the new rules  under which this year is allowed the entering in the finishing line at  the time of the default of 15 minutes, to avoid crowd at the entries of  the harbour. Immediately before the start at 11:00 once again the  enignie hours were and  the first leg of Beneteau Yacht Rally 2010 on  the route Kastela – Stari Grad (Hvar  Island) 25 NM has started. At  17:00 was scheduled the enter into the finish line. 14 boats entered the finish line according to the agreed time of 17:00 to 17:15, but one  was still far behind the group, Oceanis 473 – WHITE LADY I, this boat  passed through the finish line with 45 minutes behind. Once again our  boys have listed the engine hours, and while the guys were working  diligently to calculate the list with the points after the first day,  Ivana and I went to make the last check in the restaurant “Pinetta” at  our old friend Jurkos house, where the Ultra crew had organized a dinner  in a beautiful antique environment. Jurko has again surpassed himself  with a good fish – meat menu after which our guests had the opportunity  to pour a glass of wine from the wide range of restaurant.

Beneteau Rally 2010
On the second day of Beneteau Yacht Rally planned route was: Stari Grad – Vis, 22NM. The start was scheduled for 11:00, and the limited time of arrival in Vis (Kut) was 16:00. This time the ships were not delayed and all of them crossed the finish line at exactly agreed time.

On the second day of the crews, unlike the first day had a lot more wind, unfortunately with the rain, and some of the crews had not read well the instructions and shortened theire route through the islands ”Pakleni”, so they have earned negative points. In Vis, for participants of Beneteau Yacht Rally we have planned a Vis welcome party at Villa Calliope. Guests were gathered in the beautiful garden – restaurant and served with domestic ”Viška pogača” (cake ) and with a glass of excellent wine Lipanović. After a group picture of all participants in the garden of Villa Calliope, we continued the gathering in the restaurant ”Pojoda”. This time on the menu we had fish, with an special axcent on the speciality of the house ”Luc in the capers”.

On the third day of Beneteau Yacht Rally palnned route was: “Vis – Maslinica”, 23 NM. The start was scheduled for 10:30, and the limited time of entry into the finish line for 15:30. Some of the crew were feared from the possible reinforcing wind from the South, but there was a surprise.

A rainy cloud has eluded us, and from the South wind we had nothing… At the end all of the ships had started on schedule at 10:30, however one boat has still not yet release the ropes. The crew from Oceanis 40 – IMAGINE, as affectionately called hedonists, after morning coffee went to visit the town of Vis, and local taverns looking for a good glass of Vis wine and thereby was more than 30min late for other candidates which in the end, unfortunately, reflected and the total score. All the ships passed through the planned finish line in the given time, 15:30 to 15:45.

On the last day of the Rally for the participants was a planned a visit to a small fishing village on the island of Solta – Maslinica with special tour of a luxurious castle Martinis – Marchi, where the hosts greeted us with the occasional welcome drink. Many were delighted with the ambience of the castle, but some were still eager for the results of all three ruets. Finally the time has come and the last dinner was served in restaurant “Šišmiš bar” in a well protected bay Šešula where we held the award ceremony for the first 6 places and the traditional lottery, also we had a birthday party.

– The first place traditionaly has won “GEISHA” – Beneteau First 50.
– The 2nd place went to maybe one of the most cherful crews – the crew on the Ben. Cycl. 50.5 – RHAPSODY
– The third place at the brothers Oceanis 343 – LAMARIS.

As every year, this year we have also drew the lottery with two awards. Second prize – Sailing jackets which won the crew from Beneteau Oceanis 473 VELI with the Hungarian crew, and the grand prize this year – one week of charter on Beneteau Oceanis 393, took the crew led by Nenad Popović on Beneteau First 40.7 – CARMEN. The party continued as part of ”Looking forward to Beneteau Yacht Rally 2011” party long into the night…

Once again we would like to thank to all participants for their participation and see you next year on Beneteau Yacht Rally 2011!

first day : Kaštela – Stari grad (Hvar) 10/10/10

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second day: Stari grad – Vis 11/10/10

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third day : Vis – Maslinica 12/10/10

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